Nour Abboud a moment focused photographer, enters CAPSUL as a resident in the 6th variation of the program. She knew the assignment, showing up in a vintage Ski jacket coincidentally matching the red hot chair built and designed by @Samuel.wowk. She shares that the jacket belongs to her father, and we learn the importance of proving the legitimacy of her career choice to her parents.  Once Nour completes her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto studying Commerce, focusing on Marketing and Strategy & Innovation she seeks experience in production.

There are two sides to my brain!

The creative part, and the problem solving part. I don’t believe I can feel fulfilled in life if I don’t work both.

When I’m in school and haven’t taken pictures in a bit I go absolutely crazy, I hate resting, I hate breaks, I always need to be working on something, I need to feel stressed to feel good.

I imagine one day. I genuinely wish for nothing more but to be a photographer full time and create all the moments I want.

“I worry a lot about my future and want to make sure I have financial security so I can do all the things I want to do, go where i want to go, you know?”

You can tell by the concise mood boards and project briefs that any production would benefit from having Nour on set. Currently, she envisions working with musicians like Dominic Fike, Lil yachty, Olivia Dean, Daniel Caesar, 070 Shake, and Omar Apollo, using her photography to extend the style and world of artists and their music to bridge the gap between the intention and viewers' interpretation.

Photography captures the beautiful sides of people and reflects the individualistic perspectives of the capturer; Nour’s dream photo gallery illuminates the diversity at events and spectacles that unite large communities. She’s looking for energy, she's looking for expression, she's looking for the human experience when peaking through her camera lens.

“Good people, Good vibes, and Good outfits”

Inspiration lies all around Toronto; there are endless moments to capture in our bustling city. Nour rebukes any criteria or guidelines when holding the camera because it restricts her artistic flow. At CAPSUL she can unleash her creativity and fully embrace her authenticity within the walls of our studio.

CAPSUL’ residency program is about providing individuals room to grow, and space to plan and build on a vision while acknowledging that vision isn't always the easiest thing to define.

Photograhy By J’don Mcsween
Written by Nathan Bharatt

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