CAPSUL welcomed Winnipeg-based designers Adam Smalland Geleta Gurmu, marking their debut collection as a design duo under the label 1 + 1 = 1. Adam made waves a few years ago, dominating the hoodie scene with his Villain Hoodie. The cropped cut, lengthy arms, and perfectly spacious hood became essentials for those seeking the coziest of looks.

Geleta, or G for short, showcases a strong sense of narrative world-building in his conceptual designs. Together, these young designers have crafted a distinctive visual language, instantly recognizable with just one glance at their Instagram profiles.

Situated in a contemporary realm, the duo has triumphed in delivering garments that seem to have been conceptualized after viewing the recent Batman movie featuring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz.

Enter the Moshi denim, a two-piece pant ensemble like no other found at arc’teryx. Comprising hand-distressed jorts layered over beautifully flowing pinstriped trousers, adorned with gunmetal buttons and rivets, these pieces are the long-awaited gems for your wardrobe.

To unify their vision, the story is complemented by photography and graphics courtesy of Adam, while Geleta contributes eloquent words, enhancing the masterful execution of world-building. The culmination of their efforts is a coffee table book that answers questions you didn't even realize were being asked throughout the collection.

Keep your eye on Winnepeg, Adam and G are leading a collection of west Canadian talent that should not be over looked. 

“I was a star as a child seeing the universe through life.
I was alive as a child till this became a dream I had to survive”

Photograhy By Adam Small
Written by J’don Mcsween

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