Victoria, the artist behind Violet Chapters, a fashion persona that envisions artistic galleries full of color and storytelling, catering to individual styles and aesthetics. Growing up, Victoria’s parents fostered an artsy space where she could put on fashion shows, sing, draw, and paint to express her childhood creativity. At CAPSUL, we want to help her mimic this authentic side of herself and let the reins run free in our space.

Like many creatives, she nurtured interests during her younger years that were crucial in creating a safe space for herself. Those deeply trusted interests, propelled her to her current position.

“I pretty much taught everything to myself, I started shooting and teaching myself about lighting, what looks good and what doesn't.”

Wearing uniforms in grade school contributes to her present obsession with fashion because she believes this experience restricted her from playing with style proportions at a young age. Now that she is free from the shackles, there is freedom to show more of her personality through clothes.

“There’s all these different notions about what makes somebody look perfect or feel perfect, I don’t think that it’s size based whatsoever. I think it's personality, your vibe, your confidence, and what you exude. With me dressing people, I want all that to come out.”

“I just think like, maybe, I mean, especially in Toronto, we could do more of expressing ourselves through clothing. Because when I’m travelling in Barcelona or London I’m walking down the street and I’m like, love that, love that… there’s colour, there’s personality in the outfits.”

It’s important that as a city we put our best shoes forward, let it be a pair of Crocs, Margiela Tabi’, Nike Air Max 90s, Onitsuka Tiger, Asics OTTO 958’ or Birkenstock Boston make sure whatever you step out in you feel good in. 

The world-bending achieved through the art of styling is a tangible daily practice, allowing one to embody various characters. A stylist's role is to successfully transform a person into a world on the exterior, directly affecting the confidence that the person feels when they attempt to embody that world. We love to see this skill demonstrated and invite Violet Chapters express freely within our residency.

Photograhy By J’don Mcsween
Written by Nathan Bharatt

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