Ideal for Photographers, Videographers, Clothing designers, Fashion brands, Yogo instructors, Fitness classes, Stylists, Models Musicians, Content creators, Creatives

Successful applicants are granted full access to Capsul creative studio resources, where they can focus on building and executing their projects, garner exposure, and receive support from the Capsul team.

24 Total in studio hours
6 hours per week
3 Available spots

To apply please provide a portfolio or a sample of your work, along with a description of your intention and how Capsul can contribute to your success. Please send to

How it will work:

If your application is approved, you will receive additional information, including a link for the $350
enrolment fee payment via email. Once paid your booking requests are to be submitted (see further details below) before the start of your time to establish a schedule for the month. The resident schedule will be distributed to all participants at the beginning of the month for transparency and consistency.

Should you wish to change your dates with another resident or adjust your requested dates, please contact us via email or reach out to your fellow resident and follow up with the Capsul team for confirmation.

Submitting booking requests:

Each resident must request 2 dates with desired hours and time frame for each week. (4 weeks)


Week 1
September 7th 6 hours 8am - 5pm
September 9th 4 hours 1pm - 10pm

Week 2
September 10th 6 hours 8am - 10pm
September 15th 6 hours 12pm - 6pm

Submitting booking requests:

Once the information has been accepted and our booking schedule has been updated, residence will be notified and sent an entry code for the space and cleared to get into the space on their chosen start date. 

Capsul team members are always available to provide support in making connections to models, stylists, photographers along with brands and curators to help your project make an impact.