Create your Ideal pop up to connect with your audience

To make you feel more at ease about crafting an experience for your audience we have made some additions to take some logistic tasks off your hands. 

Do not worry about payment methods, we got you with an in house square check out system. Just create a square account, sign in on the our Ipad and start selling. (insert image of square reader)

Our front desk can be used both as a check out and bar, alleviating space and giving your event a cleaner feeling. (insert image of the desk)

If all your friends will be in attendance for your event do not worry we can help you with staffing, just let us know. (insert image of an event)

Would you like to go further with your customization of the space? Ask us about decals, poster printing, photo booths we have people for that (insert image of the mirror room)

If you need a DJ, photographer, videographer, graphic artist, touch designer, set designer, bar support, security we have a contact list of people we can put you in touch with to assist you ( insert image of a DJ)