Finding good music isn’t the easiest thing..

We aren't here to advocate one over the other but Spotify is superior for the people who value the discovery of new music, I know you do the sneaky shazam when no ones looking, your friends got the heater just ask, and if you got heaters share them! We all look forward to an artist dropping a new album but how many times do you listen to that album in full after it's out? Personally, the album gets listened to once, off shuffle, because that's just not how you do it, and then the few songs I like get dispersed into their fitting playlists and added to the likes for later.

Not every song can be played in every situation which is what makes a good playlist so invaluable to compliment the moment, it breathes life into situations that need sonic guidance. You shouldn’t be picking up your phone to hit skip because Cake by Wolffacejoeyy isn’t meshing with Rust by Yussef Dayes. The music that energizes a rush-hour drive isn't the same as what inspires during a photo editing session, nor does the playlist for a lazy Sunday morning align with Friday night's energy. It might be a bit of OCD, but maintaining the perfect vibe is essential.

Capsul taps our favorite creatives and collaborators to understand their rare tastes and styles.
Playlists offer brands a seamless way to deepen connections with their audience, serving as an auditory extension of their identity and ethos, shared freely. Picture the impact if, back in the early 2000s, Pharrell and Nigo had distributed a mixtape featuring their top tracks alongside Billionaire Boys Club or Bape releases – it would have become a core element of the brands' legacy. Adidem Asterisk’s Asterisk Radio* provides a soundtrack to the creation of their garments and the world that their customers navigate. Such mixes and playlists offer a glimpse into the creative atmospheres of beloved brands, echoing their aesthetic and cultural footprint. In tribute. Rest in Peace, Virgil, and long live Imaginary Radio.

Exploring various music genres is akin to sampling new cuisines; just as picky eaters miss out on flavors, limiting your musical palette can narrow your experiences. Personalizing playlists strengthens creative abilities, the right songs during creative processes can make a big difference even if no one realizes it, next time you are at the studio try out one of our playlists for yourself and see what happens. You may want your model to move or pose with an ounce more swagger or bravado, but they won't quite get what you need until you play UMI Says by Mos Def and tell them to get in that mode.

Taste + Environmental Awareness  =
A correctly curated vibe.

I lift my energy in the morning with reggae beats, and soca for a little extra kick. Toronto’s cold winter season forces me to take my mind elsewhere; Bob Marley & The Wailers bring good thoughts, supported by the rhythms of KES the Band. Hearing these artists sing as I wake up sets a good tone for the day and keeps the mood light. Can you hear the tune: “Don’t worry… about a thing… because every little thing… is gonna be alright…”

Once the commute has started, the vibe has to change (of course). Hopping in the car is when the party starts. I could just throw on DAMN by Kendrick Lamar and indulge in the themes of the album, but instead, I listen to Ashtyn William's' Capsul playlist because the transition from Passionfruit by Yung Nudy to Little Things by Jorja Smith is a feeling of uplifting that you only know works when you’re in it. The one playlist has vibes to get me from my car to the subway, from Bloor-Yonge Station to class, all while taking my brain through a journey of thoughts from why we don't talk about the Black Eyed Peas more, to how Che Ecru is so under the radar, to what I can learn from "Theology of Time," and what an album of just Westside Gunn adlibs would sound like. A well-curated playlist elevates everyday moments, infusing mundane tasks with memorable experiences. It's a pleasure making a playlist, allows you to tell your stories with songs and artists across different genres.

Written by Nathan Bharatt

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