Andrew, a trained architect hailing from Ottawa, has garnered a dedicated following for his innovative design of a rocking chair that stands out as one of the most captivating creations in recent memory. Unlike traditional chairs with four legs, Andrew simplifies the design by crafting it from just four pieces.

What truly sets the Oval chair apart is Andrew's commitment to transparency. Instead of merely producing and selling these chairs independently, he generously shares the chair's plans on his website, encouraging inspection, collaboration, and innovation within the design community. He documented his journey in creating this chair, starting during the COVID-19 pandemic, through engaging platforms like TikTok and Instagram, becoming a valuable resource for aspiring designers looking to build an audience around their work.

The Oval Rocker, along with related merchandise and the designer's blueprints, will be made available to the public on September 29th, 2023.


Andrew Doxtater is the mind behind the innovative Oval inspired rocker. It is a part of his mission to provide fellow designers and people that are simply in love with this chairs look, the oportunity to build their own.

Andrew has provide a template that is available for purchase on his website, along side that he has shared his plans and a 5 step video tutorial on how to build the chair yourself.

What brought you to design?

I went to school initially for recording engineering and then moved into civil engineering. Always had a passion for design and interest in creative arts.

Where does the design influence come from?

I love mid-century modern design/designers. I think a lot of iconic designs and imagery came out of this era that I find influential. Particularly Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.

Why a rocking chair?

I didnt set out to design a rocking chair, but I knew wanted to create an interesting chair design and make it completely out of plywood. Rocking chairs always seemed kind of ancient to me. I usually picture an old Windsor style rocking chair when I think about them. I like to the think of the Oval Rocker as a new take on a seemingly antiquated design.

Where did the inspiration for the rocker come from?

I was inspired by slot-together furniture and some mid-century/contemporary designs. Initially I wanted to re-create Tom Sach’s Shop Lounge chair and through the process of trying to figure out those measurements I began to sketch ideas for my own design. Donald Judd, Matt Pecina and Gustavo Barroso were particularly inspiring to me around this time as well. I always loved the Kangaroo Chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret and I tried to use it as a guide to help aid the ergonomics of the Oval Rocker.

What compeled you to give the plans for free?

When I was making the prototype I realized how easy it was to make out of a single sheet of plywood. I posted a video that did well on online and had a lot of people asking for the plans. Since I work primarily with AutoCAD, and made plans for myself, I thought I could put together a set of instructions pretty easily. I thought it would be a fun project for an individual at any skill level to take on. I also thought it was a good opportunity to contribute something positive to the world. I have fond memories of building things with my Papou and my dad, and I think if could give that experience to someone too that would be pretty cool.

Photography By Elliott Muscat