In the world of creative minds and artistic passions, there are few individuals whose obsessions border on the extraordinary. Erics fascination with chairs transcends the realm of interest and creaks towards the obsessive. But it's this very openness to obsession that has made him a standout figure in the creative industry.

For Eric Lachance, chairs are more than just functional pieces of furniture. They are a canvas for his boundless creativity, a muse that fuels his imagination. From the outside looking in, but for him he would likley say“ Eric's love affair with chairs has led him to explore uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of what a chair can be and symbolize.

“Maybe I dont care about anymore. Maybe im more interested in artifacts”

Eric brought together his many friends and collaborators to indulge in his passion for chairs. He invited people to his studio, where chairs of all shapes, sizes, and materials adorned every available space of the room. As his guests maneuvered their way through this labyrinth of chairs, and sipped rose from a champagne flute encased in a chair built with Knex (a protoype), it never felt like anyone was worried about sitting, they were enjoying the intention.

“Chairs are human’s most mundane tool but reveal endless information about us.”

"Coulda been called 'Sit at your own discretion' or 'Watch out that might break' or 'Yeah, that's a chair,' but that doesn't really matter cause in reality it's all just a fancy way of saying 'come have a drink at the studio.'"

His latest endevoure asks supporters to tell him the where abouts of chair they find around Toronto. They’re asked to send him the location through pictures or addresses of chairs he an add to his expansive collection of “artifacts”.

Is the artistry in the act or in the final presentation?

“We hit 100 chairs today, which was my original goal which feels extremely rewarding, but now I am addicted and cant stop. Please continue sending on photos and locations its been giving me tons of fuel lately! i've been questioning furniture and reality. the chairs that we live with in real life and interact with on daily basis vs the ones we like digitally and aspire to one day own. I also thought I liked trash cause I could infuse any narrative I wanted, now wondering if observing them is the most impactful action I can participate in. wondering if chairs want to be sat in, they want to be chewed up by cats, spilt on by kids. if they want to scuff up the floor and ultimately age like we do.” 

Photograhy By Elliott Muscat